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AJAX Made Easy, with jQuery

Build a Single Page App


Learn how to use jQuery's AJAX by building a single page to do list application in this quick and easy course.

What Students Are Saying

Amazing course! :D I had to learn AJAX in a really short amount of time (due to a project I was doing), and this course was the right one to choose, and learning AJAX in such a short time was excellent! Simple, fun and straightforward course! Great job Ian, and also thank you for all the support so far in handling problems and solving issues!
Arber Shabani
Lessons are clear and well structured. The notes and review sections are an excellent addition. Definitely a worthy purchase (now free) for anyone wanting or needing to expand their jQuery knowledge with ajax.
Pierre Gadea
Hello Ian, Things are beginning to click :) Just wanted to let you know that your pace and presentation are perfect. You do a fantastic job of explaining what it is you are doing and why.
Bob McClellan
Coming from someone with little to no coding experience, easy to follow introduction to Ajax and jQuery.
Richard Aston
Adeqate, purposeful and easy to understand
Clara von Seidel
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What's included?

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Intro and Setup
1 min
Overview & Setup
5 mins
What you will need to get started
AJAX Basics
GET requests
10 mins
POST requests
8 mins
PUT & DELETE requests
14 mins
To Do List Application
Creating a To Do Item - Part 1
9 mins
Creating a To Do Item - Part 2
8 mins
Editing a To Do Item - Part 1
8 mins
Editing a To Do Item - Part 2
9 mins
Deleting a To Do Item
8 mins
Updating/Refactoring Your code
6 mins
Bonus Content
Transpile Template Literal Syntax with Babel, using Gulp
Search Functionality
Microservice Refactor
Microservice Refactor - Part 1
13 mins
Microservice Refactor - Part 2
16 mins
What to Learn Next
What the heck do I learn next?

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